The following is a list of resources that I found incredibly helpful both during and after my miscarriage. I know that everyone process grief in different manners. For me, I knew there were other families with similar stories and I knew I could turn to them to help me walk through this valley. However, I found that I just couldn't seem to make myself actual talk to them. It was like I wanted to talk to someone and I absolutely didn't want to talk to ANYONE... which in it's own way made me feel incredibly isolated. I found myself turning to different web sources like blogs, books, forums to help me process my grief. Here is my list of resources. I will continue to add to it as I find new information and media.

Yes, this book is a pregnancy book. However, there is one chapter in it that I found invaluable as I walked through my miscarriage. The book is set up to follow your pregnancy by month. The first part of the chapter talks about your body, medical expectation, etc. The second part of the chapter talks about the spiritual side of the journey. The chapter entitled Great Expectations: Truth for the Journey was amazing as I walked through my miscarriage. Side note: Don't buy the kindle edition, invest in the the actual book as there is a journey component and tables and graphs are displayed better.

Okay, this is the website that accompanies the above book. It breaks my heart that Jessica and Dr. Rupe no longer blog at this address. HOWEVER, there are so AMAZING previous blogs posts that I still hold to my recommendation of it as a resource in coping with miscarriage and in fighting through that what it is being pregnant after a loss. This was one of the amazing posts that I clung too in both my pregnancies:

This is an absolutely fantastic organization based out of the UK. They are becoming more and more international, however, for those of us based in the States and other countries. They do so much for pregnancy loss and awareness, but one of the things that I LOVE about them is they organize memorial services for those who have experienced pregnancy and child loss. I wish there was something like this in the States, but haven't found it as of yet. Zoe, the founder of this organization, shares her story her and provides opportunities for support with videos about loss, 'befrienders', articles, etc. Wonderful website! A great place to start for someone looking for comfort!