Sunday, April 6, 2014

Three Months

Dear Baby Blossom,

I can't believe that you are three months old... It is so surreal to me at times. It seems just yesterday I was carrying you in my belly. It seems just yesterday I was dreaming about what you would look like and what your little personality would be like and I was also worrying if you were okay in there. Now I worry if you will be okay out here in the big, wide world. I suppose some things haven't changed at all... Still you have unequivocally rocked our world in every way, shape, and form.

Being your mommy is my absolute joy and privilege. To be honest, I had no idea exactly how much I would love being your mommy until you got here. Oh, I dreamed about it of course... But it wasn't until I held you for the first time that I knew I loved being YOUR mommy.

I love you so much. I love your sweet laugh and gummy grin. I love how I know whether you are tired or hungry by the way you cry. I love holding you and rocking you while you sleep. I love how expressive you are at such a young age. You not only have a range of smiles and laughs, but you frown and furrow your brow too. I love how when you wake up in the morning the minute you see my face you light up. I love dressing you up in all kinds of cute clothes (even though I know that clothing isn't really your favorite thing right now, but we'll work on that, eh?).

You rolled over for the first time a week ago (the evening of Saturday, March 29th) and you did it again this week. I am ever amazed by how quickly you are growing. You sometimes are a little dramatic and I'm pretty sure you got that from me. You started sleeping at night better and for that I am grateful. About a month ago you decided that it was okay to go 6-8 hours between feedings at night. This has helped mommy and daddy tremendously. But I have to be honest, I sometimes get a little freaked out when I wake up and it's been 8 hours and you haven't awoken to eat. I check your breathing by placing my hand on your tummy and once I know you are okay then I can go back to sleep. Every once in awhile you decide you need to eat every 3 hours at night and that's okay too... Albeit, that means we take extra long naps in the morning, my little snuggle bunny.

When you were in my tummy, your daddy and I prayed over you every night and we still do today. We pray for you to continue to grow and develop. We pray that you are protected from all harm. We pray that you come to know Jesus. We believe in the power of prayer in this family and want to instill that into you as well.

You are so beautiful. I know I'm your mommy and I'm biased, but I knew you were beautiful from the first moment I laid my eyes on you. I want you to never doubt that. This world can be cruel to young girls. It will tell you things that aren't true. You are beautiful, my sweet daughter, and I promise to always tell you that because I know someday you may forget it.

Keep growing, pretty girl. Your daddy and I will be here every step of the way cheering you on and loving you.

I love you always,