About Me

So I'm Jess, a small town, mid-west girl who moved to a big city in the south and started a new life with a husband, 2 cats, and a brand new baby girl (commonly known as Baby Blossom on this blog). I have a heart for individuals and families who have experienced pregnancy loss, specifically the loss of the first baby as we lost our very first baby, Sweet Pea. You can read Sweet Pea's story from beginning to end here.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom and start there. 

By day, I'm a board certified music therapist working with children with special needs in a pediatric private practice. By night, I'm an amateur blogger, self-diagnosed Facebook junkie, DIY crafty wannabe, runner (at least pre-pregnancy), and gobbler of all things science fiction/fantasy.

The husband's name is Kevin and he is pretty much the most fantastic husband a girl could ask for. We've been married since August of 2010. On occasion you may hear from him in this blog. He is an excel-guru, cool as a cucumber, bass player who secretly loves our cats (especially Ted) even if they were forced upon him shortly after our nuptials. Oh yeah, you should probably know our cats too.  Casanova is our first born; he's all black. Ted is our second born; he's white with a gray patch on the top of his cute little head.

This is the documentation our story and our journey into the unknown realms of parenthood. 
My hope is that it speaks to and serves as a source of encouragement to others with all too similar stories.